Fruity Mascara that Creates Glossy Lashes

16 May

All the Drama With Natural Ingredients

If you have sensitive eyes and avoid mascara, there may be hope for your lashes.

Fruit Pigmented Mascara from 100% Pure features mascara colored from antioxidant-rich fruit and black tea pigments with deep, rich tones. Gentle enough for contact wearers, the formula contains natural ingredients like Provitamin B5 and Wheat Protein to help keep your lashes healthy and hydrated.

Even though the formula is easy on your lashes, don’t expect this mascara to under-perform. Not only is the formula gentle, it does it all by lengthening and thickening your lashes. The unqiuely-shaped brush in an extra long tube also separates your lashes (even if you add layers) for a clean, natural look.

With a light fruity smell, this water and smudge-resistant mascara will let you create glossy lashes but your eyes won’t suffer the consequences.