Eliminate Mistakes with Makeup Eraser Sticks

11 Jul

Quick Way to Get Rid of Smudged Mascara

Even the most expert makeup artist can slip up with eyeliner or mascara. That’s why professionals usually reach for their handy dandy cotton swab for a quick fix.

Almay has taken the art of correcting makeup mistakes to a new level with their Makeup Eraser Sticks.

Perfect for erasing mistakes without disturbing the rest of your makeup, the liquid‑filled sticks are easy to use and lift away makeup in unwanted spots.

Formulated with Almay’s best-selling oil free eye makeup remover, the formula contains aloe, cucumber, and green tea. The solution not only removes makeup, it also soothes and hydrates your skin.

How to Use

1. Hold the end with the color ring up.
2. Gently snap and allow the remover to flow down filling the opposite tip.
3. Smooth the saturated cotton tip over makeup to gently lift it away.