New Interpretation of a Classic Fragrance

9 Sep

Combination of Fresh and Floral

Chanel is big on iconic fragrances, and No. 19 definitely fits the bill.

Named for Coco Chanel’s August 19th birth date, Chanel No. 19 was the designer’s signature fragrance with its crisp floral scent.

To celebrate the fragrance’s 40th anniversary, Chanel’s perfumer Jacques Polge has revamped the original formula to create No. 19 Poudré.

The latest rendition of No. 19 is a modern fragrance that’s clean and fresh like a dusting of powder. The powdery scent combines iris, almond, and white musk and comes in a no-nonsense square bottle.

In Canada, you can find No. 19 Poudré at The Bay.