Seasonal Lip Tint That Tastes of Champagne

18 Nov

Pale Pink Color with Gold Shimmer

If you’re attending a holiday office party, you already know that overindulging can lead to consequences.

You can practice moderation or you can try a fizzing champagne lip balm and tint.

The Lush Celebrate Lip Tint has it all: moisturizing ingredients, holiday flavor, and a pop of color.

The lip tint contains ingredients like almond, oil, organic jojoba oil, and camelia oil to keep your lips moisturized during the winter weather. Icing sugar, cognac oil, lemon oil, and grapefruit oil create the taste of champagne, while a subtle pink tint gives your lips a shimmery pale sheen.

Finally, the lip tint has a topping of bubbles in the form of popping candy and edible gold lustre.

All of this adds up to a festive lip tint that will help you celebrate the holiday season without any embarassing moments in front of your stuffy boss.

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