Are You Brave Enough for a Lip Tattoo?

21 Nov

Extreme Temporary Lipstick

If you’re too chicken (like me) to get a body tattoo, how about trying out a lip tattoo?

Violent Lips has launched a temporary lip tattoo line that comes in different patterns from cheetah spots (my fave) to red fishnet to polka dots.

The designs are available in packs of three and last from four to eight hours.

You apply and seal the tattoo using water (just like the tattoos you used when you were a kid). If any residue remains after you’ve finished showing off your outrageous lips, wipe it away with mineral or baby oil and a textured wipe.

The temporary tattoos are vitamin-enhanced and feature a smooth feel and glossy finish. If you’re not blessed with Angelina Jolie mega lips, you can cut the tattoos to custom fit your lip shape.

Check out all of the designs here.

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