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Which Beauty Trends are Hot for 2012?

31 Jan

Easy Beauty Trends for 2012

If you like to keep your finger on the beauty pulse, here are some manageable beauty trends for 2012 that may have some staying power for the rest of the year.

Beauty Balm Creams
Beauty balm (BB) creams are already a hit in Asia, where women are already loving the combination of tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, and blemish healer all in one product.

Clinique, MAC, and Garnier have already launched BB creams in the US and UK, and are headed for Canada in the next few months. In Vancouver, you can already find a Korean BB cream at the Shifeon store at Oakridge Centre.

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Baby Your Lips with the Next Generation of Lip Balm

28 Jan

Baby Lips Cellular Repair Balm with SPF 20

Lip balms and lip butters are the rage this season, which makes sense as most of us are suffering from some form of winter dryness on our lips.

I’ve already raved about Diane Lai’s new lip balm, if you’re looking for a natural alternative.

Maybelline’s latest lip balm goes beyond a basic lip balm, with instant moisturization that lasts for up to 8 hours.

Baby Lips Cellular Repair Balm includes active ingredients like shea butter and centella. A vitamin complex delivers powerful anti-oxidants.

I recently tried Baby Lips in the Peach Kiss shade. The peachy nude shade is very sheer (which means it doesn’t last a long time) but you do get shine that lasts. You can wear the lip balm alone or as a base for gloss or lipstick.

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Some of Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Things

24 Jan

Jennifer Aniston recently revealed some of her favorite beauty products to InStyle magazine.

Jennifer’s beauty philosophy is to “stop using makeup as a mask and feel comfortable in my own skin.”

If you love Jennifer’s sleek look, here are three of the beauty products the actress swears by (check out the other beauty products that Jennifer Aniston prefers here.)

Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Powder

Jennifer uses Benefit’s multi-tasking blendable powder as a pressed powder, cover-up, and spot concealer. She also applies the powder to finish off her look.

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