Which Beauty Trends are Hot for 2012?

31 Jan

Easy Beauty Trends for 2012

If you like to keep your finger on the beauty pulse, here are some manageable beauty trends for 2012 that may have some staying power for the rest of the year.

Beauty Balm Creams
Beauty balm (BB) creams are already a hit in Asia, where women are already loving the combination of tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, and blemish healer all in one product.

Clinique, MAC, and Garnier have already launched BB creams in the US and UK, and are headed for Canada in the next few months. In Vancouver, you can already find a Korean BB cream at the Shifeon store at Oakridge Centre.

Thick Eyebrows
Finally, you can let your pencil-thin eyebrows grow in. Or you can use one of the many brow products to pump up your brow look if you’ve overplucked. This boyish look showed up on runways last fall, and will make most us (who rather be doing anything else but tweeze our brows) very happy.

Minimal Makeup
Minimal or imperfect makeup (with a touch of just got out of bed) is the hottest look of 2012. Say goodbye to dramatic makeup (smoky eyes) and perfect hair and replace it with recession-friendly messy locks and smudged eyeliner. The natural look means even skipping mascara, like Lady Gaga, if you’re brave enough.

Ponytails have already shown up on the red carpet this awards season (Nicole Richie wore a retro, teased version with heavy bangs). Today’s ponytail is tailor-made for your mood or outfit. Wear your ponytail high for a preppy look on the weekend. Or, make it sleek and stylish for the office with a headband or stylish ponytail holder like Goody’s latest DoubleWear ponytailer bracelet.