Do a Double Take With This Lip Stain

12 Mar

Long-Wearing Color Plus a Glossy Topcoat

If you’re tired of your favorite lip color doing a disappearing act, it’s time to check out the staying power of lip stains.

I admit that I’ve been a reluctant believer. However, a lip stain that combines that best of both worlds (color that you can count on plus gloss to finish the look) has me changing my mind.

The Skinn Tint & Shine lip stain and gloss duo features a matte, long-lasting stain on one side. On the other side of the tube, you get a complementary shade of lip gloss that locks in the stain with just the right amount of shine.

The unique feature about this duo is the paintbrush applicator with firm bristles that lets you easily add as much color as you like: one coat for a fresh look or many layers for a more intense look.

According to Skinn Celebrity Makeup Artist Dimitri James, “Depending on how light or dark; subtle or striking the lip look du jour, play with layering the stains—it’s completely up to you.”

When it comes to color, the two shades cover multiple combinations:

  • Villa Rosa is a berry shade with a shimmery gloss that leaves a burgundy tint (if you’re finally ready to experiment with red hues, this shade is unniversally flattering).
  • Cia Bello is a deep pink shade that instantly brightens your face; you can add the peachy pink gloss if you’re looking for a more intense look.

For a low-maintenance lip solution, the water-based and alcohol-free lip stain and gloss is a perfect way to add color. Just apply the stain to your lips, and let it dry for a few seconds. Then, follow with the gloss and apply until you get the desired shine, which for me still looked fresh hours after application.

In Canada, you can find Skinn products at The Shopping Channel.