Nail Polish Collection by Obama

23 Mar

Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue

Are you a fan of Barack Obama and love to wear nail polish?

If so, you may want to help the cause by picking up the Runway To Win nail set including red, white, and blue nail lacquer.

The nail polish line, which cost the campaign $10,000 to put together, was designed by Richard Blanch of Le Métier de Beauté for the campaign’s Runway to Win collection.

The colors in the nail set are:

  • Red-y To Win Red (deep red)
  • Victory White (soft white)
  • Bo Blue (shimmering sapphire)

The polishes are 4.0 ml each and are being sold online at the Obama For America online store for $40 US. The set comes in a collectible black makeup bag adorned with the Obama campaign’s sun emblem.

So far, no equivalent orange collection is being offered by the Canadian NDP party candidates, who are in a race for leader of the Official Opposition party.


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