Double Duty Pantyhose

7 Apr

Sunless Tanning Tights

Most of us gave up on wearing pantyhose a long time ago.

However, there may be a good reason to slip on a pair of tights again.

Skin Kiss, a UK company, has introduced the world’s first hosiery that gives your legs a faux glow.

Fake Tan Tights contain patented technology that deliver perfectly bronzed legs in under 2 hours.

Ingredients like DHA, Aloe, and Erythrulose in the proprietary formula combine to create a smooth and even tan.

All you have to do is wear the tights for 10 minutes, then use the included rubber gloves to massage your legs and release tiny microfibres containing the tanning solution.

After massaging your legs, remove the tights to allow the tan to develop into a sun-kissed glow.

Even better, once you use the tights to apply the tanning solution, you can wash and wear the sheer hose (popularized by Kate Middleton) once the temperature drops.