Triple Threat Summer Beauty Essential

23 Apr

Multifunctional products, like BB creams, continue to be a big trend in makeup, but some of them don’t live up to the hype.

If you’re looking for a beauty product that does triple duty (and does it well) read on.

SPF 40 Sunscreen

Tizo3 Facial Mineral Fusion is a water‑resistant sunscreen first and foremost. The non‑greasy formula features irritant-free UVA/UVB protection in a mineral fusion with no fragrance (a big plus for a sunscreen).

Tinted Coverage

Next, Tizo3 is lightly tinted which means you can skip your foundation step this summer (and sleep in later!). If you prefer heavier coverage, you can still use your regular foundation. I pass on my usual mineral foundation, but add a peachy pink powder blush (my fave is MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty), and I’m good to go.

Pore/Wrinkle Diffuser

Finally, unlike a traditional sunscreen, Tizo3 has a smooth texture with a matte finish that blurs out pores and wrinkles. The finish reminds me of line filler primers that camouflage and soften expression lines. The difference with this little muti-tasker is that you’ll be using the best known weapon (sunscreen) to fight against getting even more wrinkles this summer.