Gotta Have This: Sibu Beauty Cellular Support Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsules

28 Sep

Help Fortify the skin and Aid in Cell Turnover

Nothing beats eating right and living healthy for great skin and health. But, sometimes we need a little push in the right direction.

I’ve been curious about beauty supplements for a while but Sibu Beauty Cellular Support Sea Buckthorn Oil Capsules have me convinced that I need to test the water. These softgel supplements nourish and protect the body while promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.

The formula is made from a proprietary blend of sea buckthorn fruit and seed oil. If you haven’t heart about sea buckthorn, it’s a plant that grows in the cold climates of China and Russia (Canada has also invested in planting sea buckthorn and Saskatchewan has ideal growing conditions, no kidding).

As an anti-oxidant, research has shown that the seed and pulp oil of this amazing plant has unique healing properties from improving skin tone and texture to supporting hair and nail growth to soothing digestive problems.

Some long-term users of Sibu Beauty Support sea buckthorn oil capsules have also commented that their sleep patterns have improved. It may also help prevent weight gain so I’m in for the long haul now.

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