Drugstore Find for Colossal Cat Lashes

15 Oct

Lash Volume with a Feline Edge

If you love the cat eyes look but have trouble making it happen, Maybelline’s latest addition to the Volum’Express line could be the answer.

The Colossal Cat Eyes Volum’Express mascara, which comes in a jungle yellow tube with orange leopard prints, features a claw-inspired brush designed to grab lashes and coat them with black pigment.

The curved tip of the brush looks different from other mascara you may use but does a good job of separating and lengthening lashes with a collagen injected formula (don’t forget to grab the lashes at the corners of your eyes for an extra feline effect).

In Canada, you can find the Colossal Cat Eyes Volum’Express mascara in Glam Black in washable and waterproof versions.

Since you have to replace mascara often (mascara should be kept no longer than three months after opening), scoring a drugstore mascara that works well at a reasonable price is a definite find.