No Pain, No Needle Solution for Facial Lines and Wrinkles

22 Oct


As a fan of the NIP+FAB skin care line, I’m looking forward to trying out their latest innovation which has just landed at Shoppers Drug Mart Canada.

This product is so popular in the UK that 10,000 people put their name on a waiting list before it went on sale at Boots.

Nip + Fab No Needle Fix Serum is a lightweight serum that instantly hydrates skin and improves elasticity and tone (minus the needles).

The key ingredient in this serum is an oat-based compound called Osilift which acts as an instant tensor, blurring imperfections and keeping makeup in place. Another ingredient called Indinyl conditions skin and prevents it from drying out.

You apply the serum by gently massaging into your face before your day/night moisturizer (it can also act as a primer).

If you’re like me and afraid of fillers and injectables, this intensive serum is a step up with both instant and long-term results (and no pillow face).

[Image via Amazon]