Smart Specs Are the Latest Must-Haves

25 Oct

It’s Hip to Be Square

The last time specs were all the rage was when Alaska’s favorite former governor, Sarah Palin, hit the election circuit.

Now making a coming, nerdy glasses can be seen on everyone from headline news reader Anderson Cooper to actress Christina Hendricks.

The Mad Men siren is currently representing Specsavers Australia and admits that her husband loves her geek chic look: “He thinks I look super sexy when I put my glasses on – he always encourages it.”

According to the Daily Mail, pulling off the nerd look for eye glasses has its benefits (frames are great to cover up undereye bags or dark circles) and isn’t too difficult.

Here are a few pointers to follow when wearing this latest fashion accessory:

• When it comes to glasses and makeup, less is more (unless you’re wearing rimless glasses).

• Thick eyebrows complement the latest thick-rimmed glasses.

• Cropped hairstyles and hair pulled off your face set off the geek chic look . Ponytail, anyone?

The bottom line for eye glasses right now is that four eyes are now a fashion statement.

Image via Vogue Australia