Lather Up in Purple with Twilight Shower Gel

8 Nov

Sweet Dreams are Made of Lavender Bubbles

Our favorite vampires will be hitting the screen soon in Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 so it’s time to channel your inner Bella Swan.

To help you get there, Lush has introduced Twilight Shower Gel to make you sparkle.

The limited edition shower gel lathers up in iridescent purple with a subtle scent of lavender and Tonka bubbles.

According to aromatherapists, lavender oil is often used to help calm the mind which may come in handy if you’re standing in a long lineup with rowdy TwiFans out in the cold.

Of course, the big question about this upcoming film is not whether it will satisfy fans, but whether there will be post-cheating scandal fallout at the box office? You be the judge.