Bump Up Your Daily Skin Cell Renewal Rate

4 Jan

Stimulate Skin Cell Viability

L’Oreal Paris is launching a new skincare line called Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire.

The French cosmetic brand has created the new line to target women whose epidermal cell renewal rate is slowing down dramatically.

The collection includes a powerful serum, day cream, and a night cream tonic.

L’Oreal Paris claims that with use of their Age Perfect Renaissance Cellulaire collection, four million new cells will reach the skin’s surface faster each day. The formula is also enriched with reflective micro-particles that instantly help reverse a dull  complexion.

Actress Julianne Moore will be the face of the campaign for this revolutionary anti-aging product, which will launch later this month. At 51 years, she’s a good choice since she represents the anti-Hollywood beauty (that is, no fillers or surgery).

The actress has taken care of her skin since an early age, when she started applying sunscreen on her delicate skin before going out in the sun. In addition to relying on drugstore products, she credits her Scottish heritage and mother’s insistence on proper skin care as a reason for her good looks.