This Tool for Trimming Your Bangs is Genius

28 Feb

Skip the Salon and Become Your Own Bang Trimmer

If you’ve joined the “Michelle Obama Hair Club,” you know now that your trendy bangs can be high maintenance.

The problem is that bangs grow out fast and require more visits to your local hair salon. I don’t know about you but fitting in a bang trim with my stylist is no easy task.

Coincidentally, I’ve wondered about creating a “bang helper” that could do it all (trimming and styling) but it looks like someone has beat me to it.

The Bango At-Home Hair-Cutting Tool holds your bangs in place so that your trimming job is perfect. The pink tool lets you clamp your bangs down hard (using tiny teeth) and snip away quickly while creating an even finish.

Bango also features a curved and straight edge that lets you choose between blunt or textured bangs.

There’s even an instructional video that takes you through each step so you won’t screw up your bangs (which even our Moms did when we wore little girl bangs).

The Bango kit sells for around $16 and also comes with a pair of scissor, a comb, and two hair clips.

I can’t wait to try it!