Why French Women Age More Gracefully

1 Apr

First, we find out that French women are better at managing their weight. Now, we hear that women in France don’t seem to age as fast as the rest of us.

According to a British study by Escentual.com, French women look around seven years younger than their British counterparts. Over 80 per cent also agreed that French women age more gracefully.

One of the reasons is that most French women start using anti-aging products at an early age.

In France, a girl will start to use anti-aging cream as young as age 15 (by 20, nearly two-thirds are using specialist anti-aging French pharmacy brands like La Roche-Posay).

Another reason that explains their youthful appearance is that French women spend more money on skin care. According to the study, French women spend twice as much as British women with skin care sales at 1.9 billion pounds per year.

Finally, with French pharmacy skin care brands leading the battle in the latest anti-aging research, French women also have the latest tools at their fingertips to fight the ravages of time.

Compare that to the UK (and other Western countries) where women wait until 25 or older to use anti-aging products which may be long after the damage is done.