Hello Spring, Goodbye Unwanted Hair

26 Apr

Two Products for Hair Removal Season

Now that the sun is out (even in Vancouver), there’s nowhere to hide when it comes to unwanted hair.

Veet has two inventive products that are easy to use and treat your skin gently at the same time.

Hair Removal Kit for Underarms

Shaving can be a quick solution for daily removal, but the nicks and razor burn that usually come with it aren’t worth it.

Veet’s Hair Removal Kit for Underarms is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E which leave your skin feeling super smooth with no risks of nicks and cuts.

The formula is sensitive (with no nasty smell) yet powerful enough to painlessly dissolve unwanted hair at the root, and it works on hair as short as .3mm.

The kit comes with everything you need to leave your underarms smooth and silky soft (in a speedy 5 minutes duration) for up to one week:

* Hair Removal Cream
* Gentle Finish Cream
* Application Spatula

Veet Precision Wax & Care

First of all, never shave your eyebrows or lip area because shaving cuts the hair off at the skin’s surface and stubble develops quickly. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, one of the best options for removing facial hair is wax.

Veet’s new Precision Wax & Care Duo, which comes in a two-sided tube, was specifically designed to easily reach areas of your face like the arch of your brows, upper lip, chin, and cheeks.

Using the pink end of the tube with a special applicator, you apply the precise amount of wax where it’s needed and quickly remove facial hair with the reusable fabric strips.

After you’ve finished waxing, use the white end of the tube containing Aftercare Cream with Aloe Vera to soothe your skin (red areas are gone in a flash!). The results last for up to 28 days.

The kit comes with everything you need for smooth skin:

* Precision Wax
* Aftercare Cream
* Spatula
* 20 Reusable Fabric Strips