If You’re a Busy Mom, These Tips Will Help You Streamline Your Morning Beauty Routine

8 May

How to Simplify Your A.M. Beauty Routine

Even though Mother’s Day has come and gone, it’s a good time to acknowledge how busy mothers juggle their time between work, family, and personal obligations.

If you’re a time-challenged Mom or know someone who’s burning the candle on both ends, here are some tips from the founder of Skinn Cosmetics, Dimitri James, to simplify your morning beauty routine.

Skin Care Tips

  • Stick to the “essentials.” Find one gentle yet effective cleanser that removes dirt, oil, makeup, and mascara and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed. You’ll also want to use a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15.
  • Use a cleansing brush or soft washcloth to eliminate the need for eye makeup removers, toners, and scrubs. To brighten your complexion, exfoliate, and extract blackheads, try is the Skinnsonic High Frequency Cleansing System. Get more details about the system here.

Makeup Tips

  • Find a great bronzer powder, gel, or tint and apply it all over your face lightly, then heavier on cheeks and on eyelids. This is a great substitute for foundation, eye shadow, and blush.
  • Apply a lengthening and darkening mascara close to the lash base to eliminate the need for an eye liner. Or, try smudging along the lash line with the tip of the wand.

Hair Styling Tips

  • Part your hair on the side and pull it into a ponytail for a fresh, sophisticated hair style.
  • If you color your hair, try to match your natural shade as closely as possible. A shade darker brightens lighter skin tones, while the inverse is true for darker skin tones.  Colors close to your natural shade will make re-growth more graceful and save on constant touch ups. Avoid chunky or heavily highlighted hair, unless you have the resources to maintain it often.
  • Choose a style that respects the integrity of your hair! If you have curly hair, find a style that does not need to be worn straight to look good. The opposite holds true for straight hair.