If You Suffer from Acne, This Video Will Inspire You

23 May

For many years, Cassandra Bankson was bullied because of her acne.

Life in high school was so bad for Cassandra, that she once had slices of pizza thrown at her by kids who taunted her with the name “Pizza Face.”

Video with 18 Million Viewers

Then the teen made a life-changing decision. She made a video called “Acne Foundation Routine For Flawless Skin,” showing how she covers her blemishes.

Originally, she posted the video hoping that it would help “just one person.” The video has since gained over 18 million views.

Cassandra’s step-by-step video on covering blemishes has given hope to even those with cystic acne. In the video, she shows how to get picture-perfect skin using primer (such as Hourglass Mineral Veil), concealer, and foundation.

Cassandra is a big fan of color concealing. If you have red spots, she suggests using green concealer. If you have dark blue under your eyes, use yellow.

Today, Cassandra’s YouTube channel, Diamondsandheels14, has over 500,000 subscribers and features topics such as makeup, fashion and lifestyle.


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