Martha Stewart Knows the Power of Lemons

27 May

Martha Stewart recently visited the Doctor Oz show to talk about her anti-aging beauty secrets (and the status of her love life).

Like many celebrities (including Lauren Conrad), the homemaking guru is a big fan of drinking hot water with lemon. It must be working because Martha Stewart looks much younger than 71 years old.

According to Martha, all you have to do is squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a small glass of warm water and sip it every morning for these wonderful health benefits.

Lemon Water Health Benefits

Here are some tried and true benefits of drinking lemon water.

Firm and Clear Skin
Lemons help the liver to eliminate toxins by stimulating its natural enzymes.

Boosted Immune System
Lemons are a source of Vitamin C which helps to prevent disease and rid the body of impurities.

Balanced pH Level
Lemons reduce your body’s acidity and balance your pH level.

Weight Loss Stimulant
Lemons are a source of citrus pectin, which helps battle hunger cravings.

Martha Stewart’s Daily Green Juice

If you’d like to try juicing, here’s a green juice recipe that Martha has every morning, courtesy of Today. This recipe makes three cups of juice.

1 green pear halved (Anjou, for example)
2 stalks celery
2 English cucumbers
1 bunch parsley
1 (1-inch) ginger slice
2 sections of orange, with rind left on

Press all ingredients through a juice extractor, then stir. Drink immediately.

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