Do You want to Change Your Bra Size? So Does Jockey!

4 Jun

If you’re like most women, you’d probably like to change your bra size in order to get the best fit. Jockey may now be able to help you.

The apparel company has recently launched a patented volumetric fit system that not only does away with underwire (woo hoo!), it also replaces the alphanumeric sizing format.

Instead of standard bra sizes (AAA through DDD), Jockey is now offering 55 sizes including cup size one to 10 and seven different band sizes.

There are several bra styles to choose from including classic contour, tailored, counter and classic soft-cup which come in three colors (white, black, and nude). The bras incorporate a 3-D contour system, instead of underwire, which supports breasts not just from gravity.

There are a few catches. To determine your new size, you need to go to a Jockey retail store in the US to get fitted or you can order a Jockey Fit Kit online. The kit, which retails for $19.99, comes with 10 different cups to measure your correct size.

The second catch is that the updated Jockey bras in the new sizes start at $60. Jockey believes their new bras are worth it because they believe these bras are going to change women’s lives. What do you think?


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