The Latest Anti-Aging System at Your Fingertips: Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol

24 Sep

Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol

When it comes to fixing deep wrinkles you already have, typical anti-wrinkle treatments are not enough. For the most stubborn and deep-set wrinkles, Skinn Cosmetics has launched a deep wrinkle system with the latest active ingredients and ultrasonic technology.

According to Dimitri James, Skinn Cosmetics CEO, the Deep Wrinkle Protocol System is the result of Skinn’s deepest research into dermal anti-aging technology to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

I recently tried the system (yes, I have a few deep crow’s feet) and can see how the science of this system can lead to dramatic results.

Here are the three components of the system which work together to bring you smoother-looking skin.

  • Collagenesis Deep Wrinkle Protocol Line Peel Solution
    You apply this resurfacing solution which is a multi-fruit acid complex first. Ingredients like White Tea Extract and Vitamin C are designed to resurface the appearance of deep lines. The solution also has Luremin, which is the next generation of non-retinols that does the job without irritating your skin.

  • Collagenesis Deep Wrinkle Protocol Line Erasing Serum
    After the line peel solution has dried, apply this advanced anti-wrinkle serum with new peptides and a unique amino acid encapsulation technology.ย  It also has Syn-ake which has a Botox-like effect (without the frozen face quality) that leads to a reduction in wrinkles and smoother skin. The serum visibly plumps your lines and wrinkles (you will see a difference once this serum goes to work).
  • Sonic Infuser Deep Resonating Tool
    This easy-to-use tool is what makes this system unique. The sonic infuser amps up the overall effectiveness of the serum you just applied (you can also use any advanced serum with the tool). The infuser penetrates the treatment to the deepest levels using the power of ultrasonic induction. Best of all, you can safely use the tool around your eye area without breaking capillaries. TIP: Perย Dimitri James, use this nifty little tool with all of your moisturizers to enhance absorption!

The Deep Wrinkle Protocol System retails for around $100 (the typical cost of a single facial) and is available at


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