Self-Adjusting Blush With Staying Power: Stila Custom Color Blush

2 Oct

Stila Custom Color Blush

If your makeup tray keeps piling up with blushes that have color that fades after an hour or so, it’s time to try something new.

Stila’s Custom Color Blush is a unique powder blush that reacts to the pH in your skin to create a personalized shade every time you wear it. The velvety soft formula also smoothes out the appearance of imperfections and leaves behind a flawless flush.

I picked up this Stila blush in Coral and it is an all-season winner with a natural glow. This shade of the best-selling Custom Color Blush has a hint of golden shimmer that definitely gives your cheeks a youthful flush (whatever age you are).

Best of all, the Custom Color Blush has super staying power which means it will be awhile before you need to pick up another one.


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