Chanel’s Latest Ad Campaign Star is Marilyn Monroe

28 Oct

Marilyn Monroe Chanel No 5

Since the legend of Marilyn Monroe continues to live on, Chanel has found a way to reconnect the star to her favorite fragrance, Chanel N°5.

Digging into old archives, Chanel discovered an audio interview from 1960 with Monroe and Georges Belmont,  editor-in-chief of Marie Claire magazine, where she famously spoke of what she wore to bed:

You know, they ask me questions. Just an example : “What do you wear to bed? A pajama top? The bottoms of the pajamas? A nightgown?” So I said, “Chanel N°5,” because it’s the truth… And yet, I don’t want to say “nude”. But it’s the truth!”

Chanel is rolling out a print and TV campaign starring Monroe later this fall.

Watch the video below to hear the original recording.

Image via Telegraph
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