Minnie Mouse-Inspired Collection: Anna Sui for ASOS Collection

11 Nov

Anna Sui for ASOS collection

Designer Anna Sui has launched a beauty collection that Disney star, Minnie Mouse, would definitely approve of.

The packed collection has it all from Minnie-shaped lipsticks (so cute!) to lip/body balm in collectible tins to bow-shaped eye palettes. If you like earthy tones for your eye shadows and berry lip colors, then this collection is for you.

The line also features nail polish shades with Minnie-engraved figurines, including:

  • Stardust Silver—Silver
  • Snow White—White
  • Midnight Purple—Purple
  • Neon Pink—Bright pink
  • Passion Red—Red glitter

My fave in the collection is the mascara. Since Anna Sui is big on lashes for her runway shows, the Minnie Mouse Perfect Mascara is sure to be the standout in this collection.

You definitely want to pick up one of the items in this line because it’s more than makeup or skin care. Take it from Anna Sui:

“The thing about our cosmetics is that they’re almost an accessory – they’re an extension of the Anna Sui world.”


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