LUSH Goodies for the Festival of Lights

18 Nov

Good news for your friends who celebrate Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights.

The Happy Hanukkah gift box is back and according to LUSH, it’s more fun than a bag full of Hanukkah gelt (translation: Hanukkah gelt refers to either money given as a gift on Hanukkah, or more commonly today, to a coin-shaped piece of chocolate).

The four goodies come in a traditional star-adorned blue and white box which includes:

  • Refreshing blue and white Ice Blue soap
  • Zesty avocado oil Avobath Bath Bomb for soft, clean skin
  • Sudsy Olive Branch shower gel with Fair Trade olive oil and fresh mandarin juice to celebrate the miracle of oil
  • Sweet honey-toffee scented limited edition  Gold FUN in recognition of Hanukkah gelt

This North American exclusive spa gift honors the tradition of Hanukkah but with a modern Lush touch. TIP: Pick this one up quick because it’s going to go fast.


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