If You Love a Clean and Fresh Scent, Take a Second Look at Calyx

4 Dec

Clinique Calyx

Have you tried the Calyx fragrance before? Originally launched as part of the Prescriptives brand in 1986, Clinique is introducing this clean modern fragrance to the next generation.

If you’ve wondered about the notes that combine to create this cult-favorite fragrance, Clinique is letting the mystery out of the bag. In reality, the only fruit used in the scent is grapefruit.

The grapefruit note starts strong when it makes initial contact with your skin, but stays bold from top to bottom to create a perfect balance between cleanness and sweetness.

The two key notes that bring Calyx to life are:

  • Crisp grapefruit gives Calyx an exhilarating signature and imparts a lively feel.
  • Sensual green leaf features a dewy, refreshing impression with slight sophistication.

Calyx comes in a modern yet feminine bottle that was ahead of its time and still looks right for today.


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