Hair and Makeup Trends You Should Lose in 2014

30 Dec

Ombre Hair Color

Here are a couple of trends from this year that are looking a bit tired, and a couple of new ones that will be blazing the trails.

Ombré Hair

Out: Are you sick of the ombré hair trend? It seemed like everyone was sporting a variation (good and bad) of two-toned locks.

In: The “it “hair color for 2014 is lighter hair (as light as you dare go). Seen on runways and red carpets (Jennifer Lawrence and Beyoncé), platinum hair is now being stocked on salon shelves.

If You Can’t Let Go: Still want to hang on to ombré curls? Try a more modern version with a more subtle change of color or transition of shades.

Straight, Flat Hair

Out: Straightened hair has been on the way out for a while, even though it may be hard for a lot of people to give up their flat irons (sigh!).

In: The latest look is long, messy layers which is ideal for mornings when you wake up late. All you have to do to get this look is flip your head over and dry from the roots to get some lift and separation.

If You Can’t Let Go: Not ready to give up your flat iron? For a more modern look, add some volume at the crown (think of singer, Adele).

Dramatic Makeup Colors

Out: It’s time to leave the smoky, metallic look behind (it’s about time).  Let’s face it, as much as we try, it’s still hard to wear purple eyeshadow (check out some tips here, if you must).

In: On spring 2014 runways, one of the biggest beauty statements was a fresh-faced look. For the faint of heart, you can still wear makeup like bronze shadows and pinky nude lips.

If You Can’t Let Go: Addicted to bold red lips? Try moving over to a more orange or coral tone which is looking to be one of the go-to shades for spring.


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