Sephora and Pantone Can Help You Find the Foundation of Your Dreams

29 Jan

Sephora & Pantone Color IQ

Finding the right foundation today is almost as hard as finding the right bra.

Seriously, there are so many foundation options right now that many of us just fall back on old choices rather than take the time to find one that optimally complements our skin.

If you’re visiting a Sephora store to find your perfect foundation, you may want to let the Sephora & Pantone Color IQ device do all the work for you.

This handheld device scans the surface of your skin and in minutes assigns it an official Pantone skin tone called the Color IQ number. Then, poof! You get scientifically precise foundation matches from over 1,000 foundations, brands, and formulas.

Sephora & Pantone Color IQHow does it work? The Color IQ device captures your skin match in pitch darkness rather than the available light of a retail store. This allows the tool to focus on your physiology and eliminate variables that may distort your true match.

If you’re confused with all the foundation options and want to narrow down your choices, this service will lead you to the foundation you’ve always longed for.

TIP: Since you need to be makeup-free to get your skin measured, be brave and come into the store without any foundation (you’ll just have to remove it anyway).

[Images via Sephora]


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