New Way to Treat Stubborn Pimples: Nexcare Acne Absorbing Covers

29 Apr


We’ve all had one: a major pimple that takes over part of our face and looks like it’s settling in forever.

Topical acne lotions may help heal the pimple over time, but once it’s on your face, you need some serious damage control.

Nexcareโ„ข Acne Absorbing Covers work like sponges to absorb all the nasty oil (and pus) in your pimple. They also act as protective covers, keeping dirt out and reducing the urge to squeeze.

The package contains 36 covers in assorted sizes. To use one of these genius acne covers, peel a cover off the liner and place it over your pimple. Then, wait for the magic to happen! The cover visibly shows that it’s working by turning from translucent to white to indicate it has absorbed all the nasty secretion.

I wish these covers had been around when I was younger, but I still get hormonal acne so I will continue to reach for these acne covers. Not only do they work effectively, they contain no drugs which means you won’t dry out your teenage or adult skin.

TIP: At the first sign of a pimple, apply one of the acne covers. Leave it on throughout the day and you’ll definitely see inflammation of the pimple go down.


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