New Way to Experience Nail Color: Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel

12 May


When it comes to beauty products, who doesn’t love a multitasking product?

Well, Revlon recently introduced an interesting 2-for-1 product: nail polish that, when dry, smells of various fragrances.

The Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel collection includes 24 vibrant and punchy shades that go on smoothly then dry to light, airy fragrances. The nail enamel, which uses essential oils, comes in categories of exotic and fruity notes, woody and warm, and delicate/fresh fragrance.

Since I’m a fan of Lavendar, I tested Lavendar Soap and was pleasantly surprised at the sudsy Lavendar scent that came out once the nail enamel dried (the scent did stick around most of the day so if you’re not a huge fragrance person, this isn’t for you.)

I really like the smooth formula of this nail enamel and have since applied Lavendar Soap to my toe nails since sandal season has finally arrived. This is a great color if you like light summery shades. If you’re looking for a more intense shade, try the bold orange red China Flower (light floral) or Apricot Nectar (fruity and sweet).


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