Next Generation Skincare Technology: Shiseido Ultimune

3 Jun


The Shiseido Canada team recently hit the road to introduce Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, which raised the bar for the entire skincare industry.

After 20 years of scientific research into the skin’s immune system, Shiseido found a way to re-ignite your skin’s ability to defend against environmental threats, emotional stress, and plain old aging.

Here’s the interesting part. Shiseido scientists focused on cells called Langerhans which control the skin’s immunity. They found that external threats and aging undermine the function of these cells, so they developed an exclusive complex to boost the defensive functions of these cells which decline as the years go by.

In addition to boosting your skin’s immunity, the Ultimune complex also contains a calming compound to help you feel relaxed, even while dealing with all the emotional stress of everyday life. Who doesn’t love that?

The texture of the product is satiny which means you can spread it evenly so that it penetrates quickly into your skin’s surface. To maintain a healthy looking skin surface, Ultimune also includes a unique botanical cocktail featuring both Eastern and Western ingredients, like Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract and thyme.

What about the results? The proven results demonstrated immediate benefits like increased suppleness (this is what I saw) as well as glowing skin after one week and improved firmness after four weeks. I’m looking forward to seeing how Ultimune can help my skin get into fighting form so that it can defy aging as long as possible.

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