Five New Ways to Use Highlighter

30 Jun


Are you in a highlighting rut? Are you looking for some new highlighting hacks?

Here are some out of the box ways to apply your favorite highlighter.

1. Arch Accelerator

You may already be aware that applying highlighter to your brow bone accentuates your arch of your brow. But, don’t forget to apply highlighter above the eyebrows as well for an instant brow lift.

2. Lower Lip Lifter

Plump lips in a more natural way by applying highlighter just below the middle of your lower lip. This will give your lips a lift and make them look fuller.

3. Nose Fixer

Is your nose turning downward? Apply a dot of highlighter on the tip of your nose to give it a lift. If your nose is crooked, apply highlighter down the center to make it look straight.

4. Bottom of the Chin

Apply a small triangle of highlighter to the bottom of the chin to add light and create a tapered chin.

5. Bust Enhancer

Here’s how you can enhance the bust area without getting implants. Using your highlighter, draw a “C” over the top of both breasts then blend downward to make them look fuller.

Image Highlighters

Here are the three highlighters in the image provided:

[Images via Sephora and IT Cosmetics]


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