Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Lacquer

11 Aug


Most of us can’t afford his shoes, but we may be able to pick up a bottle of Christian Louboutin’s new nail collection.

Like all Christian Louboutin creations, Rouge Louboutin is taking nail lacquer to new heights.

The signature color is a classic shade of red, which is vibrant on any skin tone. Of course, the shade is inspired by the iconic sole of every Christian Louboutin shoe.

The nail lacquer features a custom designed brush with a triangle-bristle that prevents bubbles and deposits smooth color. The formula is highly pigmented and super glossy so that it mimics the reflection of patent leather.

The bottle is definitely a work of art, molded from cut glass and inspired by classical balustrades found in European buildings.

Thirty additional shades inspired by shoes such as Décolleté, Bianca, and Lady Page will be available September 1st.

[Image via Sephora]



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