The Matte Lip Collection from MAC

24 Oct

MAC The Matte Lip Collection

Matte lips are one of the hottest trends this season and, according to MAC Cosmetics, they’re here to stay.

The Matte Lip collection from MAC will help you create a standout look with dramatic new shades of MAC’s iconic matte lipstick. The collection includes vibrant hues like fuchsia and rich burgundy of as well as nude favorites.

To make the color even more intense, apply Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in super‑saturated shades in red, burgundy, or pinky beige. Finally, polish off the look with the soft new pinky hues of Pro Longwear Blush.

Here are the details on the collection.

  • Styled in Sepia (dirty cement beige)
  • Nouvelle Vogue (soft blue pink)
  • Pander Me (soft peachy mocha)
  • Damn Glamorous (bright pink red)
  • Le Vie En Rouge (bright orange coral)=
  • Fashion Revival (deep raspberry)
  • Heroine (vibrant violet)
  • Living Legend (deep plum)

  • Etcetera (creamy beige)
  • Staunchly Stylish (pinky beige)
  • Trust In Red (bright cool red cream)
  • Fashion Boost (bright purple cream)
  • Absolutely It (soft burgundy)
  • Bespoken For (dark plum cream)
  • I’m a Lover (pink)
  • Fleeting Romance (coral)
  • Make You Mine (dirty salmon

Hurry up if you’re interested in this collection because it’s only available October 9, 2014 through December 4, 2014.

[Image via MAC Cosmetics]


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