Do You Have What it Takes to Be One of the Faces of the MACnificent Me! Campaign?

18 Nov

MACnificent Me

Do you have what it takes to be MACnificent?

Between November 17th and December 12th, MAC Cosmetics will be looking for six new faces for their MAC Fall 2015 MACnificent Me! campaign. Winners will be photographed by a prestigious fashion photographer in New York City as the face of their Fall 2015 campaign.

What is the criteria to be one of the new faces of the #MACnificentMe campaign? According to MAC, it’s these qualities:

Style, heart and soul

You can make your case with a headline, brief essay, and photo (selfies encouraged!) at

If you plan on entering, leave a comment below so we can track your progress!

[Image via MAC Cosmetics]

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