Nourish Your Hair Without Weighing it Down: Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

22 Dec

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

Have you avoided hair oil because you’re afraid your strands are going to turn into one big oily messy?

Today’s generation of hair oils are lighter and multi-faceted which means they can do the job of a number of products like conditioner, serum, and shine spray.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil features a lightweight formula infused with pure drops of treatment oil like African Macadamia Oil.

With unique Dry Oil technology, it absorbs deep (and quickly) into your hair, leaving it soft and shiny, not greasy or weighed down.

How to Apply Hair Oil

  1. Spread a few pumps of oil between your hands (start with a small amount until you know what works for your hair–you can always apply more).
  2. Apply the oil from ends to mid-length on clean, damp hair (avoid using hair oil close to your scalp).
  3. Blow dry or leave to dry naturally.

Tip: You can also use hair oil before shampooing as a nourishing or pre-styling treatment to protect your hair.


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