This Mascara is Flying Off the Shelves

14 May

Ciate Triple Shot Mascara

If you want to try this hot, hot, hot mascara, you’ll have to wait till it’s restocked at Sephora.

In the meantime, here’s why there’s buzz about Ciate London Triple Shot Mascara.

The special formula in this mascara is unique in that it coats the lashes with a glossy finish creating a more wide-eyed look.

The wand also has a starfish design with less rows of bristles than on most other mascara wands. What this means is that excess formula stays between the rows and transfers onto the root of the lashes on contact.

The comb-like bristles also coat lashes generously without clumping.

How to use Triple Shot Mascara

There ‘s also a little extra work when apply the mascara, but it’s worth it.

Step 1: When applying, tilt your chin up.
Step 2: Press the mascara wand firmly to the base of the lash line.
Step 3: Wiggle the wand to apply a generous amount at the root, then slowly pull the wand through to tips.
Step 4: For maximum curl, apply continuous pressure to lashes as though you are combing lashes straight upward.

[Image via Sephora]

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