Cushion-Sponge Liquid Eye Liner: Stila Got Inked

13 Jul

StilaGot Inked Cushion Eye Liner

Cushion makeup has been one of the strongest trends in makeup this year with products like the innovative Lancome Miracle Cushion infused with liquid foundation.

Now Stila is taking cushion technology one step further with Got Inked™ Cushion Eye Liner.

This lightweight liquid liner is dispensed using a one-of-a-kind, cushion sponge soaked in richly pigmented color. The six colors range from flat to metallic finishes and can be easily applied using an eye liner brush (use Stila’s La Quill Precision Eye Liner Brush or your own).

Just dip your brush into the the sponge like a fountain pen and easily draw a line across the lid in a slow, fluid motion.

As effective as gel liners, the cushion liner stays in place all day and looks gorgeous whether you pick up the stunning Blue Sapphire Ink (shown above) or the classic Black Obsidian.

[Image via Stila]


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