Cushion Soft Eye Shadow: Burberry Eye Colour Cream

29 Jul

Burberry Eye Colour Cream

The cushion makeup trend continues to be red hot for the fall, but you don’t have to wait till then to get started.

Burberry has launched Eye Colour Cream, a collection of eight creamy eye shadows that let you effortlessly apply a wash of autumn colour.

The shadows are super light and deliver colour that you can easily blend and build (experiment with a couple of shades to get the exact colour you like).

The formula is crease-free and long lasting which is unique for a cream which can fade over time and leave a trace in the upper eye area.

Apply the shadow with your fingertips or use a shadow brush. Or, trace the shadow along the upper or lower lash line using the flat-angled brush that comes with the shadow to create a luminous eye liner look.

Burberry Eye Colour Cream comes in these shades:

  • Gold Copper (golden brown)
  • Mink (deep brown)
  • Dusty Pink (light pink)
  • Pink Heather (dark pink)
  • Dusty Mauve (light mauve)
  • Damson (deep mauve)
  • Pearl Grey (light grey)
  • Charcoal (deep grey)

One of these eye shadows runs over $30 so you have to really love it to pick one up. Would you pay over $30 for a designer eye shadow?

[Image via Burberry]

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