Trying Out Popular Asian Beauty Products

12 Oct


Since Asian beauty products are getting so much buzz right now, I decided to head over to a local Japanese dollar store (Daiso) that stocks imported beauty products.

My goal was to find a couple of unique popular items that I’ve never used before.

All of the products that I purchased cost $2 (CDN) plus tax. The packaging of the items contained the minimum required English (it’s often “lost in translation”), so I didn’t have a lot of information to work with.

Check out which products I recommend as a BUY and which ones I recommend as a PASS.

Nose Shadow

I’ve never seen a contouring product targeted for only the nose, so I was definitely interesting in checking out this product.

On close inspection, this shadow is no different from eye shadow and it took a few swipes of the darker shade before I could draw a line down my nose. The lighter shade is also on the white side which works for me since I’m pale; however, it may look awkward on darker skin.

Buy or Pass: The nose shadow is a Pass because it didn’t do anything different from other contouring products that I use.

Face Roller

This awkward-shaped device is designed to make your face look slimmer after repeated use. After using it a few times, I seriously doubt it can change the shape of my face. However, I do like that the roller gently stimulates my skin and it may make a slight difference on days when my face is puffy or dull-looking.

Buy or Pass: I like the stimulating effect of the roller on my skin, so I’ll call this one a Buy.

Eyebrow Template

I’ve used eyebrow stencils before and didn’t find them too useful, but I was curious whether there would be a difference for Asian eyebrow stencils. I also love how this product is called a template (like a Microsoft Word document).❀

The eyebrow template is my favorite of these products. The cutout area for the brow was thicker (and more realistic) than others I’ve seen. ItΒ  also had letters (A,B,C) printed on the stencil to guide placement for the start, arch, and end of the brow.

The package includes a plastic case to store the template and a diagram on how to use the stencil and instructions in various languages (but not in English).

Buy or Pass: I like the extras that this eyebrow stencil offers, so this product is a Buy.

Hand Mask Pack

I’m always open to trying products that treat hands, since I haven’t found one yet that blows me way. Sheet masks are super popular, so I decided to check out the Hand Mask Pack.

The instructions on the package are straightforward. Place your hands into the right and left hand sheets for 20 minutes, then remove (no rinsing required). The formula in the hand mask contains many ingredients: some I recognized, such as seed oil, and some I didn’t.

After 20 minutes, I removed my hands from the sheets. Unfortunately, they felt extremely sticky so I ended up rinsing them with water.

Buy or Pass: The Hand Mask Pack is a Pass because I didn’t like the texture of the formula. What I do like is the idea of treating your hands to a hydrating mask so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for another hand mask that does a better job.

Have you tried any Asian beauty products yet?

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