Eye Brightener: bareMinerals Stroke of Light

1 Jan


Happy New Year, everyone!

I’ve been going to bed later than usual and straying from a healthy diet in a big way, so I definitely need a little makeup TLC.

I have a feeling that this bareMinerals product I picked up at the end of year will be getting a lot of use in the next few weeks.

Stroke of Light is an eye brightener that diffuses dark shadows and reduces the appearance of fine lines and dark circles over time (sounds good to me!).

The creamy formula blends easily leaving a refreshed, even-toned look around the eye area. The coverage comes in four shades from light to dark, and is sheer to medium.

I use it by dabbing small dots under the eye (and at the corner of each eye) and rolling then blending with my finger. You can apply it on bare skin or over makeup.

Tip: To get extra wear out of this eye brightener, use it as an eyeshadow primer.

The bottom line is that the brightening from the Stroke of Light is subtle, but very pretty.

Now, my only wish is that the tube was just a bit bigger because I know I’m going to rely on this little eye opener till the spring πŸ’ rolls around.


2 Responses to “Eye Brightener: bareMinerals Stroke of Light”

  1. Cheryl Wright 05/01/2017 at 11:35 am #

    I just may try this! Thank you for posting.

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  2. Sara 02/01/2017 at 7:41 am #

    if you like to be part of it tag 2016/2017 so we know best.

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