Bio Marine Peptide Skin Smoothing System: Quantum Hydrox Skin Spa

3 Apr

Hi beauties,

Today, I’m writing about a skincare system that I’ve just started using.

I initially found out about Quantum Hydrox Skin Spa from a Beauty Boutique Manager I met at a Dermablend event.

We had a fun chat about skincare that works (or not), and she told me about an impressive product with ingredients sourced from my neighbourhood, the Pacific Northwest.

Since then, Quantum Hydrox was kind enough to contact me and sent me their one-of-a-kind Bio Marine Power Peptide Skin Smoothing System.

Update: Congrats to Quantum Hydrox for receiving another US patent for their Biomarine Power Peptides: In Vancouver, you can find their products at the Granville & 13th Shoppers Drug Mart!

About the Ingredients

Quantum Hydrox sources some of its most effective ingredients from the Pacific Northwest rainforest and ocean.

Deep sea marine resources have been called “blue gold on the deep sea floor” due to their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and natural antibiotic properties. These resources are packed with skin boosting vitamins and minerals (multi-chain peptides, chitins, glucosamine, calcium panthothenate, zinc salts, and silica).

Quantum Hydrox has created quantum biopeptide formulations merging these high potency ingredients with deep delivery of cellular stimulating agents into a skin smoothing for all skin types.

Although the Quantum Hydrox glycolic-salycylic complex has been primarily developed to address sun damaged and aging skin, it also has a strong following with teenagers and men who suffer from acne or blemishes. I have occasional breakouts, so this is a definite plus!

Product Lineup

Quantum Hydrox has a wide range of products that can be used to address different skin issues. Here`s the lineup.

1. Gel Facewash

This is a pH balanced aloe and glycolic salicylic based cleanser with chamomile, echinacea, and marine extracts. It provides deep, yet gentle and thorough cleansing without stripping skin.

I like foaming cleansers because they encourage me to take more time cleaning my face (and it’s worth it!). This cleanser also has superior rinseability.

2. Kalma Facial Toner

This aloe and glycolic/salicylic based toner preps the skin to optimal pH for other Quantum Hydrox products. It smoothes and soothes skin (without being drying!) with chamomile, echinacea, green tea, and marine extracts, while removing any traces of microexfoliation.

3. Protecta Facial Day Fluid

This light daytime moisturizer and barrier protecter (with 10% glycolic acid) is loaded with clarifying, firming, and anti-aging complexes. It also contains potent fermented mushroom sourced beta glucan amino acid peptide chains.

These ingredients help to clarify the skin, and progressively smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

4. Repair Skin Fuel Night Creme Gel

This nighttime cream gel (with 10% glycolic acid) is infused with fermented nutrient dense BC marine vegetal mineral peptide plasma. It fortifies its potent nighttime restorative action with stabilized vitamin complexes that help to accelerates the repair process, while rejuvenating skin appearance.

5. Exfolipac VitaMarine Mud Masque

This mineral mud masque offers a spa-type clarifying and rejuvenating treatment that you can indulge in weekly.

The masque formula is a step up from usual mud masques, since it combines kaolin and bentonite clays and glycolic acid (10%) to amplify treatment.

6. Eye-C Eye Zone Vitamin C Creme Complex

This eye cream with a fully stabilized vitamin C complex diminishes the appearance of fine wrinkles and undereye skin discoloration. It also contains a marine peptide complex supplemented with soothing botanicals like aloe, soy, green tea, ginseng which balances out the formula.

7. Collagen C Intensive Vitamin C Serum Complex

Collagen in skincare is a very potent ingredient that stimulates smoothing of fine wrinkles and rejuvenates athe skin’s appearance.

This collagen serum also contains 20% magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (MAP), a fully stable, deep penetrating vitamin C. This is the only form of vitamin C, reported by the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology, to be absorbed and retained in the skin.

8. RAMP Facial Day Fluid

The Rainforest Amino Mineral Peptide (RAMP) Moisture Lotion is extremely soothing and moisturising for all skin types.

For new users of the system, this moisturizer cuts the potency of glycolic-salicylic action (in the Protecta / Repair / Exfolipac products). It contains glycine soya, green tea, and beta thujaplicin (from Pacific red cedar – even more powerful and soothing than pycnogenol).


The Quantum Hydrox Luxe Skin Smoothing System is suitable for normal, oily, dry, or acnied skin types (for rosacea-prone skin, only Collagen C is suitable).

According to Quantum Hydrox, daily use results in a revitalized appearance as newly emerging cellular layers are smoothed, firmed, and resurfaced. The results and the effects are cumulative.

Quantum Hydrox recommends introducing their products to your skincare regime one item at a time. Depending on your skin type (oily vs. dry), Quantum Hydrox provides a strategy for incorporating these products into your routine.

First Impressions

Since I’m getting to know the products (and results are cumulative), I only have first impressions at this stage.

I love the idea of using a system that addresses all of my skin issues with nature-based complexes that exfoliate, brighten, firm, and fight aging skin. So far, I`m loving the Gel Foaming Facewash and the RAMP moisturizer. I can’t wait to incorporate the Collagen-C Serum into my routine!

The products that I’ve tried so far have unique oil-free and alcohol‑free textures, which help with application and absorption. The down‑to-earth packaging offers generous sizes at reasonable prices (from $18.99 for the Gel Facewash to $65.99 for the Collagen-C Serum Complex).

I’m so glad that the products are available in drugstores that I have easy access to, but I wouldn’t hesitate to order them online.

Quantum Hydrox Skin Spa products are available at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations (including Granville & 13th in Vancouver) and Pharmasave locations. For online orders, visit
Disclaimer: Media samples provided, all opinions are my own.

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