The Ordinary: High‑Spreadability Fluid Primer

6 May

Hi beauties,

Since I prefer to apply primer before foundation, I’m always open to trying one out.

While visiting the Deceim boutique in Vancouver recently, I picked up The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer.

This is the first product by The Ordinary brand which I’ve purchased, and I have to say I’m impressed.

The primer, which is water-free, comes in a lightweight serum-like formula. It enhances the spreadability of any makeup you put on and avoids uneven accumulation of pigments that may occur around the eyes and on dry skin.

It does a nice job of blurring out pores, but doesn’t feel too slippery. Overall, it did allow my foundation to stay on throughout the day. I also noticed that there was no chalky buildup, which sometimes happens with powder foundation.

The only feature of this primer I’m not sold on is the packaging, specifically, the dropper applicator. Sometimes, applying the primer gets a little messy and it ends up where it shouldn’t.

This feature won’t stop me from repurchasing, though, or trying other products from this brand since they’re so reasonably priced.

Stay tuned for more The Ordinary product reviews. 😍

One Response to “The Ordinary: High‑Spreadability Fluid Primer”

  1. 07/05/2019 at 5:36 pm #

    I use water-free foundation too!

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