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Live Rich Tips: #12 Do it-Yourself Lip Stain

8 Nov


If you need a quick color touch up for your lips, here’s what you do to get the quickest and thriftiest lip stain ever:

  1. Go to your kitchen cupboard and take out a box of gelatin (any red color like Cherry or Strawberry will work well).
  2. Lick your lips, dip your fingers into the powder (or use a Q-tip) and apply carefully to your lips.
  3. If you want more color, apply a second time.

TIP: You can also take a small amount of clear balm and mix it with gelatin to create a glossy look.

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Live Rich Tips: #11 Smoother Skin with Avocados

28 Sep

PennyUse Avocado Oil as a Moisturizer

A favorite of celebrity facialists, avocado oil is a secret weapon that helps to reduce skin inflammation and hydrate skin.

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Live Rich Tips: #10 Sweet Lip Treatment

7 Sep

PennyMix Vaseline with Sugar for Soft Lips

After being exposed to the heat and dryness of summer, your lips can use some TLC. To get them ready for the dark matte shades of fall, pamper your lips with a conditioning treatment that keeps them smooth and silky.

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