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Live Rich Beauty Tips: #9 Gentle Shaving Cream

26 Aug


Use Skin Cleanser as Shaving Cream

If you run out of shaving cream and don’t want to spend money on a shaving cream or gel, look no further than your skin cleanser.

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Live Rich Beauty Tips: #8 Tear-Free Makeup Remover

10 Aug


Use Baby Shampoo to Remove Waterproof Makeup

Eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes can be pricey, and some may not even remove all of your makeup. A cost efficient alternative to expensive eye makeup removers, baby shampoo is often recommended for contact lens wearers as it doesn’t leave residue on your lashes that may irritate contacts.

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Live Rich Beauty Tips: #7 DIY Teeth Whitener

30 Jul


Brighten Your Smile with Strawberries

Tooth whitening strips are effective at brightening your teeth, but they cost a lot of money. Strawberries contain malic, which removes surface discoloration, and cost a lot less.

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