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Is this TV Ad for the Samsung Evolution Kit Offensive?

29 May

A new Samsung TV ad called Evolutionary Husband is outraging both women and men, who are slamming it as sexist.

The commercial shows a wife plugging a Samsung Evolution Kit, which turns any Samsung TV into an internet-ready Smart TV, into her husband.

After connecting the card, she fantasizes that her “lazy” husband transforms into a multi-tasking superman who performs every imaginable chore from styling her hair to baking treats to looking after the baby.

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Beauty and Politics: Who Will You Vote For?

3 Apr

Since we’re going through a rock ’em sock ’em election in Canada, I’ve been wondering what part a candidate’s looks play when it comes to casting a ballot.

According to the Daily Mail, a recent study carried out by experts in Sweden and Finland asked people to judge the attractiveness of politicians from five non-Scandinavian countries including the U.S. and Britain.

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We’ve Made it to Alltop

3 Sep

AlltopYou can now find the most recent blog posts of the The Blush Stops Here listed at Alltop®‏ under the Top Beauty News section.

What is Alltop? Alltop is an “online magazine rack” of popular topics. You can find the latest stories from top sites across the Internet on a wide range of topics from Fashion to Health to Celebrity.

Check us out at All the top Beauty news. Or, browse the rest of Alltop from their homepage.